Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Favourites!

Hello Daydreamers!

It's that time again, October has rolled around and I'm well and truly ready for apple crumble and fairy lights! As September has waved goodbye for another year, here are my September Faves...

The first thing in my September faves are frilly socks... yes you read that right, frilly socks! I hummed and harred about including these but I figured that by now, you lot know I'm a little unhinged and also prone to blogging about odd things. I bought a few pairs from new look and have been hooked ever since. I think I've become a magpie for spotting them in shops, they're all around. I love them because they look great with brogues and small boots and they're just super cute! 
I've currently got frilly socks in: Dusky pink, Grey, Checkered, Navy, Beige, White and ditsy print- oooh yeah, I bet you're all so jealous of me ; ) 

I've been loving sparkles and glitter lately so when I spotted these beautiful twinkly nail polishes by Misa in my local hairdressing supplies, I couldn't leave them! They catch the light beautifully and their staying power is incredible, my nails remained chip free for one whole week. The polish is a little difficult to remove but it's a price I'm willing to pay for super shimmery nails.

Pinterest has been my go-to downtime activity lately. I think that in the cooler months, Pinterest really comes into its own. When it's chilly outside and you just want to light candles and drink hot chocolate, Pinterest is your perfect companion!
If you don't already follow me on Pinterest, you can view my Pinterest boards HERE if you'd like.

Every winter, I suffer from dry cracked lips and this year, I decided enough was enough and have begun applying lip balm early on so that by the time winter rolls around, I'll have super soft lips and able to be wear all the red lipstick I want! The lip balm I've been enjoying is 'born lippy' and it's from The Body shop. It's got a sweet, fruity scent and is great for wearing under lipstick and also solo; 'tis a good all-rounder this one!

Autumn is a time for lovely baths, in summer it's all about showers but as autumn approaches, I look forward to beautifully scented hot bubble baths! I'm actually SUPER excited for Lush to bring out their Halloween and Bonfire Night collection, I always like to go a little bit crazy and buy almost everything mainly because it's limited edition! I've been using so many of the bath bomb butterball. I've said it before but this is my all-time favourite bath bomb, I love it because it makes my skin feel so silky soft and it smells so vanilla-ry and delicious! I do wish it gave the bath some colour but the benefits this gives to the skin definitely outweigh a colour-less bath for me : )
I actually did a little Lush haul yesterday which you can read HERE if you missed it.

And finally, something I have been loving this September is chocolate, in particular, Cadbury Dairy Milk! I have this left over from my birthday and I don't know why but I always seem to associate autumn time with chocolate. I'm planning on looking up some creative hot chocolate recipes on you guessed it-Pinterest!

So there are my little favourties from the month of September, I hope you enjoyed reading this my lovelies


  1. well..I am loving it all. Especially the pyj's, chocolate and the two nail polishes :)

  2. I have been a little bit obsessed with Pintrest as well this month, I am constantly on the hunt for new ideas.

  3. Craving Dairy Milk so badly now ah! Lovely post dear! xxxxx

  4. Dairy milk is my favourite too, im currently loving the oreo one at the moment =]

  5. I don't think that frilly socks are odd, they're actually really cute! I love wearing black ones with boots in the autumn/winter. I didn't know about these nail polishes, they seem great especially if they don't chip too quickly!
    When it gets cold it's always a good idea to start applying lip balm early, and it's good to do the same with hand cream before the skin gets too dry! :)

    Julia xx
    | |

  6. I've only just come across pintrest (i know im so late on the bandwagon) but it's literally the best thing to chill out with in the evenings! And obviously chocolate should be in every monthly favourites haha
    Charlotte x


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